Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our brand new website. As you can see, there is not so much content on it at the moment, and we sincerely apologize because of this. The reason behind this is the fact that the site is still not finished. There is active work going on that has been stretching out during the course of last two weeks or so. At the moment, we have only set up the contact forms, a brief info on the About page along with a couple of blog posts that were written exclusively by me. With this being said, I hope your time on our website will be pleasant and that you will find the blog posts interesting as they discuss rather interesting topics, not necessarily connected to interior home design.

Here’s what we will do in the future regarding our website

Add more content
One of the most important parts of every website is, of course, the content that’s on it. That’s why our primary goal in the upcoming weeks is to add a ton of useful content to our visitors. We will add blog posts, interior decoration ideas, DIY tutorials etc…

Get professional images
We are currently in the process of purchasing 2 premium camera dronesOf course, we are not purchasing it so we can play around. No! We are going to use it as a professional aerial photography platform and shoot various types of images and videos that will be uploaded to our website at a later date. For playing around, we’re using nano drones 🙂

Set up pricing

One of the most important things, as we already stated above, for this website is surely the monetization. Pardon the expression but as you know, forming a startup company is hard and if you fail to attract clients in a short timeframe, you are toast. That’s why we are already working on a pricing system that will be featured on our site as soon as possible. Stick around to find out when will it be updated!



As you can see from the entire design of our humble website, we are a small startup company making their way onto the stage of interior home design industry. As you could assume from the title of our website, we specialize in simplistic and modernistic styles, hoping to achieve a perfect harmony of neutral colors into your personal living space. With this being said, we hope you understand that we are a really small (and really new) company in the business, and as such, each and every one of our potential job opportunities is very welcome. Actually, the sole purpose of this site is to attract more clients who would then, hopefully, spread the word of the quality of our services to their respective friends and family. All things considered, if you indeed are a potential client, then we would politely like to direct you to our Contact page where you can send your inquiries. Thank you for reading this and enjoy your day!!!

Steve Clark


if you have any questions that you would like us to answer, simply fill in the contact form below and you’ll hear back from us as soon as possible!