Holidays are coming…

We are already in the middle of December and as you all might already feel, Christmas is just around the corner. Truth be told, it is hard not to feel the Christmas vibe with all the commercials, mall decorations and what not. It seems to me that every year, malls and cities are making a competition on who will start with the decorations first. As soon as Halloween is done and dealt with, malls start bashing us with Black Friday advertisements and sales. After both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are finished, all of them immediately turn around to the next milking cow – the Holidays.

And that did not start this year, it started a couple of years back but in a much lower spectrum when compared to today’s’ standards. The malls managed to pull a fast one on us by doing the process slowly in order to trick us into not really realizing what’s happening… OK, I just read through what I wrote here and figured out i was on a massive rant, and that’s now what I wanted this blog post to be. Well, what can we do now… The words are already written and it would be such a shame to delete them with not a particularly good reason.

So basically… The Holidays are just around the corner!