Plans for our website

As you can see just by looking at our website, it is pretty clear that it is nowhere near a finished product. This is due to the fact we are still a very young startup company and we don’t have the people or the resources in order to make a professional looking page in a matter of days. That is why I would first like to apologize for the extreme lack of content here. It will get better soon, I promise. Let’s take a look at our plans for this website so you can better understand what to expect in the near future:

Setting up pricing charts

One of the first things we would like to add to our website is the pricing charts. Truth be told, this process is going to take quite a bit of time since an interior home design company doesn’t really deal with quantifiable services. But, the pricing charts are still doable, but it will just take a lot more time before we generalize the basic outline and set up a fresh new look for them. Stick around and you will surely be amazed once you see it online.

Getting some awesome pictures up

As we already mentioned on our home page, we were planning to buy a drone which will help us take awesome images for our website. That was written a long time ago and since then, we already bought a new drone… and not just one, but two. With this being said, you can expect to see some awesome aerial images on our website. It’s just a matter of time before we upload them!