Purchasing a new drone is difficult

Yes! This is definitely a much more difficult task that I initially considered it to be. The reason behind this is the sheer number of drones to choose from. True, most of them do not come with cameras that are capable of shooting professional quality aerial footage. Still, the search was difficult and needless to say, it took me more than 5 hours of extensive research to find the optimal one… khm… the optimal 2. Yup, even though I was only going to pick out 1 drone, I decided to go for 2. Why? Well, I found my desired drone with a professional camera¬†for 50% off the retail price so I was like: “Oh what the heck, I might as well buy 2!”

I went for the DJI’s Phantom 2 equipped with a 2.7K camera which was on, as I already mentioned above, a massive sale. It was black Friday when I bought it so yeah, hence such a low price. Still, when it arrived I was more than thrilled with the performance. It’s responsive, ease to control and can stay in the air for almost half an hour. The best of all is the camera. Even though I own a Galaxy S6 which has a pretty good camera (at least in terms of smartphones), this little fella swept the floor with it. The images were crystal clear and the videos were silk smooth. Even though it does not have a miraculous gimbal system, the picture quality is still astonishing. With this being said, I gladly recommend you picking out this drone if you are considering to purchase one for yourself. Do not be alarmed guys, this blog post was not sponsored by DJI… I am just sharing my own experience with their drone, and as I already said above – it is truly amazing! Just a quick heads up, you might want to wait when it gets on sale because, even though it is awesome and all that, I still believe it is slightly overpriced.